Wings, add a block that provides lift.

Chris Love 7 years ago • updated by Thorondil 4 years ago 6
So we can make aircraft!

However, if you do decide do something like this, I don't think you need a block that provides lift. Rockets already do that :D. More importantly, since I read somewhere that you're planning to add drag,  why don't you just add a block that creates air resistance? That way, you can create aircraft, but also manipulate drag in other ways.

The rockets arent providing lift, they're providing thrust. Otherwise our airliners would be covered in rockets. Obviously they're not. Take a big piece of card board, swing it so it's parallel with the direction it's going. Almost no resistance, right? Now swing it purpendicular to it's direction of motion. Quite hard. Even just that would be fun to have in Crashtastic.

 Lift isn't necessary just an upwards force... It's a simulation of air friction, or a faking of said simulation. Drag and Lift go hand in hand. Plus they'd add extensive realism should Mark pull it off.

Ok guys it would almost be useless, we CAN make aircrafts. take a look at this: http://crashtastic.gamepedia.com/Advanced_Vehicle_Systems#Flying_vehicles_.28Planes.2FHelicopters.2FSpaceship.2FBalloon.29

I wrote this article. I built a 100% controlled Helicopter, and a 100% controlled Plane.
I agree with tools that would help control it better, but not a "here, you don't have to work your butt, just add this and you'll be fine" kind of thing.

If you understand the Basket principle and the Balancing Systems, you can make any flyable vehicle as long as your RAM and CPU can take it.