Sandbox Level

Tuur 7 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 5 years ago 8
It would be fun to have a empty level without walls and such where you can build anything without limits or objectives.
Also where there isn't a "Succes" popup message which hides the stats (very annoying if your building rockets that go up to 40km)
yes i would also like a sandbox level, as I have spent a lot of time creating some really over the top designs and would like to really see how they do!
yes a sandbox level would be good
I love this idea! :D
This would be an awesome addition!
I'd like this a lot, but ideally i'd also like to be able to put walls and other obstructions, so i can purposefully crash things about and just generally go overboard and nuts with it. So total sandbox sort of thing.
That would be awesome