Suggestions and Bugs for Crashtastic

Sandbox Level

Tuur 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 4 years ago 8
It would be fun to have a empty level without walls and such where you can build anything without limits or objectives.
Also where there isn't a "Succes" popup message which hides the stats (very annoying if your building rockets that go up to 40km)

Level editor

Girraph 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 6 years ago 4
Not necessarily now, but perhaps sometimes in the future, I think it would be a great idea, plus an addition where you can download other users levels.

steerable wheel should look different from normal wheel

Kevin Carroll 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 6 years ago 1
The rims of one of the wheel types could be a different color in order to quickly distinguish which ones on the contraption are steerable.
Mark Smith 6 years ago
Good idea. I'll add this in the near future.

Demo version with limited levels.

Wmbh38 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 5 years ago 2

I think a demo version would be nice for those who don't have time to play but want the nic flow of the building aspect of the game. They could be lots of limitations (if needed) to make sure it's not giving the game away for free.

Thankyou for reading.  Wmbh38

Mark Smith 6 years ago

I will have a demo in the near future.



Jacob P 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 5 years ago 7
When you press a button, it makes the vehicle jump wherever its placed. More for the use on the BOTTOM of the vehicle.

Thanks for reading these and I hope some are interesting to you!

Mark Smith 5 years ago
This is done as of 0.4.9

More options for rockets.

N. B. 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 6 years ago 3
Individual sliders for every rocket. 
Power (self explaining).
Length (how long the rocket fires).
Interval (ie: let the rocket fire for 1 second every 2 seconds). 
Assign keys to each rocket
I think that would open a lot of more building possibilities.
Mark Smith 6 years ago
Crashtastic version  0.4.4 includes the ability to individual tune the power of the rockets, and on some levels you can assign a key to control them directly.

More parts!

Glenn Olofsson 6 years ago • updated by Mehdi Saffar 6 years ago 2
pistons, joints, rotors, ropes, balloons  etc, just so you could build about anything, from a helicopter or forklift to a simple swing. Game is looking awesome, keep it up.
Under review

Show total weight of the project, or at least give detailed data about each piece

Aruã Metello 6 years ago • updated by Mark Smith 6 years ago 1
i liked a lot of the game, and i am a more "enginner" focused player, thinkering on the smaller details to archieve better performance.

trying to fine tune some race cars here, got 5.80seg on the S turn course.

These are some older experiments with more heavy but stable cars

The whole deal is: it would be useful to the player to have some "summary" of the current build.

* length of each dimension
* center of gravity (show in the model as an "ghost" marker)
* total weight
Tire grip could be somewhat tweak able also, if all these somehow "make the game too much complicated" you could implement some "expert mode", even if we need to thinker with command lines and xml files of the designs, i would love it.
Mark Smith 6 years ago
I do need to provide some stats in the editor... namely number of pieces, but some of this data might be interesting to add as well. I'll think it over.

Wings, add a block that provides lift.

Chris Love 6 years ago • updated by Thorondil 3 years ago 6
So we can make aircraft!

Air resistance

dsad adsfa 6 years ago • updated by Mehdi Saffar 6 years ago 1
Add some wing type stuff and air resistance so we can make planes. Helicopters would probably be too hard, they would just explode.